Need Something To Do Wednesday?



If the vitamin aisle at the drug store means about as much to you as alphabet soup—with A's, B's and K's adding little more to your life than confusion—Boise State Recreation Services can help you out today.

Room 114 of the Norco building will be filled with people who don't want to get sick during the upcoming cold and flu season and are interested in the health-boosting power of vitamins. Vitamins A to K, an informational session during which the basics of vitamins will be broken down, will take place from 5:15-6 p.m.

Learn about key nutrients for total health and how to ensure that you get all the good stuff your body needs—without having to drink Ensure. And really, with super flu viruses on the loose this winter, you should probably think about taking care of yourself.

The info session is FREE. Check out the Recreation Services Facebook Page for up-to-date info on all its happenings.