Slideshow: Red Faces Abound at Archie's Place Sloppy Joe-Eating Contest


Big Hungry lifts his red-stained fists to the sky in triumph.
  • Josh Gross
  • Big Hungry lifts his red-stained fists to the sky in triumph Oct. 6 in the Archie's Place second-annual Sloppy Joe-Eating Contest.

Competitors cradled buns the size of small plates, piled high with two pounds of bright, red sloppy joe meat at Payette Brewery Oct. 6. Their eyes broadcast a mix of emotions: fear, but also hunger.

In the Archie's Place second-annual Sloppy Joe-Eating Contest, contenders were pitted against their own stomachs and the clock, as they struggled to down a huge sandwich before their competitors. Some sipped water while forking meat into their mouths, other—foolishly—filled their stomach with beer whilst feasting.

In an unprecedented show of stamina, one of Payette's employees known only as La Beef arrived at the stage riding on a forklift. With a face happily smeared with red sauce, La Beef downed not one but two mammoth sandwiches, competing in both heats of the competition.

While upstart Justin Sane took home top honors in the "mere mortals" heat, only one man can be called Big Hungry, last year's winner for whom the main event is named. He managed to complete the challenge in just under 1 minute 30 seconds.

This year, Boise Weekly's Andrew Crisp and Josh Gross took the stage to battle the beef master. Which BW'er took home second place?

Stay tuned for a video of all the messy action—including a shirtless Gross with beef in his short and curlys.

For a slideshow of the event, click here.

Two pounds of sloppy joe--gone in an instant.
  • Josh Gross
  • Two pounds of sloppy joe—gone in an instant.