Need Something To Do Friday?



Some things are better in twos—like socks, eyeglass lenses and assorted body parts. Add to that list exercising with a plus-one, because it's a lot harder to skip out or half-ass your workout when somebody is watching.

If the stress of the week has gotten you down and you're craving some social interaction that doesn't include a trip to the bar, you can solve both problems, work on your flexibility and get in a better mental state for the rest of the weekend tonight at the Yoga Tree of Boise.

Two instructors will demonstrate how your balance, flexibility and strength exercises can be complemented with a partner. And you'll discover how flexible your friends are.

Bring a pal, or come solo and make a friend. Instructors will also fill in as partners.

The class takes place the first Friday of every month at 6 p.m. and costs $10 per person for a drop-in session, or yoga-it-up with a $45 monthly membership. Learn more about the studio here.