Radio Boise to Launch Downtown Translator at 93.5 FM


Radio Boise went live on-air last year, bringing a smorgasbord of independent content to the Treasure Valley. Well, to those driving in the Treasure Valley anyhow, the low-lying areas in and around Boise's downtown core not quite so much.

Without direct line of sight, the north and east ends, as well as parts of downtown, have struggled to get a clear signal from the broadcast tower in the Owyhees.

But Radio Boise hopes to fix that this month with the launch of a new downtown translator that will rebroadcast the signal at 93.5 FM from the roof of the US Bank building.

"What it's going to do is provide coverage for all these people that say, I love your programming, but I can only get it in the car, I can't get it at home," said Jeff Abrahms, station manager for Radio Boise.

Abrahms says that Radio Boise actually started working on securing the frequency nearly a decade ago, but that it took a long time because of all the different contracts and licensing to line up properly.

The new 93.5 FM signal should go live around Oct. 20, just in time for Radio Boise's annual pledge drive.

Radio Boise has always been a rolling process, in it for the long game. And the translator may be one of the final pieces to put in place.

"We've been saying, just wait until we get our translator up and going," said Abrahms. "It feels really good to make good on that promise."