Ignite Boise 9 Speakers Announced



Ignite Boise, the popular idea-sharing event, will return Thursday, Oct. 18. The series beckons presenters to take the Egyptian Theatre stage for dissertations on topics far-fetched, asinine, awe-inspiring and everything in between.

Now in its ninth iteration, Ignite Boise selected 15 speakers, which are each given five minutes and 20 slides to dish on their topic. In the past, the venue has been packed to the gills for the FREE event, and the audience reacts on social media via their smart phones. Ignite Boise 9 includes a host of wild topics.

Case in point: Jesse Baker intends to talk about the evolutionary phenomenon that led to the surprising proportions of the human penis. According to Baker's pitch, "This is a talk about natural selection, the human penis and the maturity of the audience."

Other topics include an investigation into the signs held by homeless people on street corners, the link between politics and American Idol, and the real story behind the hammer-swinging John Henry.

Speakers include Boise Weekly's Josh Gross, Seth Ashley, Stephanie Walker, Michael Matson, Dawn Burke and more. For a full list of speakers, including descriptions of their topics, check out the Ignite Boise website.