Need Something To Do Wednesday?


At this point in the campaign season, we hear something new every day that has to do with the November election.

Tonight, you can hear an unusually well-thought-out perspective (instead of your crazy co-worker's daily rant) if you head to the Main Branch of the Boise Public Library.

Marc Johnson—partner in the Boise office of Gallatin Public Affairs, volunteer president at the Andrus Center for Public Policy and New Deal-era politics aficionado—will present FDR and Obama: The Challenge of Winning a Second Term.

Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt faced critiques from the left and right, an unsavory unemployment rate and the seventh year of the Great Depression when he ran for re-election in 1936. Substitute recession for depression, and that situation sounds a little familiar.

According to a press release, "Johnson will examine the parallels between Roosevelt’s re-election bid and Obama’s, how the economy and unemployment impact politics, and what the current president might learn from the man to whom he is so frequently compared."

The presentation is FREE and will be held at 7 p.m. in the Hayes Auditorium.