Study Links Pot Smoking and Testicular Cancer


Young men who routinely smoke marijuana might just have something more serious than the possibility of being snagged by the cops to worry about—a new study has linked smoking pot with an increased risk of developing a particularly nasty form of testicular cancer.

An NBC news story reports that the study published online earlier today in CANCER, an American Cancer Society publication, links marijuana smoking with an increased rate of developing non-seminoma tumors in men as young as their teen through their mid-30s. In fact, they were twice as likely to develop the form of cancer.

The study, conducted by scientists at the University of Southern California, states that:

"The group that is at risk for developing these tumors is overwhelmingly young men. They should be looking and paying attention to changes in their testicles anyway."

While it's still a relatively low likelihood of developing this particular form of cancer, maybe male pot smokers will have second thoughts next time they're craving a little weed—thoughts about their cajones, that is.