Australian Supahstahs The Jezebels Play Reef Tonight


On the Rolling Stones' first tour across America, the band played to crowds in New York and Los Angeles and a helluva lot of empty chairs everywhere else. Des Moines is doubtless kicking themselves now that a Stones ticket will cost you a kidney (likely transplanted directly into the band during the show).

But why does that matter?

Because The Jezabels have been tearing up the charts in the band's home country of Australia for a few years. And now, the group is schlepping its way across the states, hauling it's moody, dark-pop sound rife with echoed guitars, synth bass and dreamy vocal melodies straight out of 1980s post-punk with them from club to club. Though the band probably won't be as big as The Stones, that doesn't mean it will be easy to see again in a small venue stateside.

Tonight, Saturday, Sept. 8, the band will be in Boise for a show at Reef. You could spend the evening trying to drink Sixth and Main dry of Jager, but seeing The Jezabels doesn't come with any potential future risk to your kidneys. And you can brag that you saw a band before it was huge.

The show starts at 10 p.m. and costs $10. Finn Riggins will open.

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