Slideshow: First Thursday, September 2012


Grant Olsens work was on display at Bricolage First Thursday, Sept. 6.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Grant Olsen's work was on display at Bricolage First Thursday, Sept. 6.

The vibe in the Flying M Coffeehouse First Thursday, Sept. 6, was serene as people sat quietly sipping their beverages on couches and at tables. Artist John Warfel’s work hung on a far wall, featuring an array of colorful and imaginative pieces inspired by doodles. From people to monsters to a green, tentacled spaceship, Warfel’s artwork harkened back to high school days of sketching on notepads while bored in class, while simultaneously providing an inside look at his creative mind.

Down the street at IdaHostel, Boise artist Cory Maas worked with buckets of paint housed under a drinking fountain to complete a mural he’d previously began in a corner of the Idaho Building hostel.

Although he said he’d “never had the intention of putting any stuff in public,” Maas was also recently a contributing artist to the Freak Alley Mural project. A few of his smaller works on canvas were on display nearby has he crafted a floor-to-ceiling painting, adding to the hostel’s other murals by various artists.

And on the other side of downtown, Grant Olsen debuted some new work at Bricolage this First Thursday that varied widely in size. He displayed a number of small paintings, including a tile that was painted bright teal and featured the hindquarters of a horse’s skeleton standing as an omen next to a ghost.

But dominating the space was a massive wool piece sewn by Olsen and hung on the wall as tapestry. Measuring more than six-feet-wide by more than six-feet-tall, the piece featured a cloth star constellation and was titled “Boise on April 20, 2012 at 8 p.m.”

After their First Thursday carousing, hungry and thirsty revelers dropped by the first anniversary party of the Food Truck Rally at Fourth and Grove streets.

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