208 Music Video Show Does it on Video


Neurolux didn't exactly haul a radio star on stage to be killed Sept. 6, but it gave it a good shot. Dozens of local bands and directors took part in the third-annual 208 Music Video Show, an event where local music videos are projected and celebrated on the big screen.

Attendees could buy votes for $1 and cast them for their favorite video of the night.

Fresh off the release of its new tape, Boise lo-fi outfit First Borns took top honors for its video "Gene." Second place went to Storie Grubb and the Holy Wars for "Time," one of two videos the band entered in this year's festival. And third place went to Glenn Mantang for "Malt Licker."

Tragically overlooked was a psychedelic dance video for a cheerleader chant about masturbation from Project 213. But that's what happens when democracy is purchased: Masturbation doesn't get its due.

The compete playlist of Thursday night's videos can be seen here. (Full disclosure: I directed one of the videos.)

At the event, Boise Weekly brought down its trusty, rusty video-editing computer and asked the local drunks to hand over their iPhones to be raided for found footage, the idea being that people probably had some weird shit on their phones. Boy, did they ever.

We took that footage and cut it into a crowdsourced music video that played at the end of the show while votes were being counted. You can see that video—boobies and all—below.

[ Video is no longer available. ]