Tu Fawning Survives Knife-Wielding German to Shoot New Video


Portland, Oreg. band Tu Fawning, including Joe Haege at left, Corrina Repp in the center, and Liza Rietz at right.
  • Andrew Crisp
  • Portland, Ore., band Tu Fawning onstage recently at the Red Room.

Tu Fawning, the Portland, Ore., quartet that recently charmed Red Room dogs with its superb violin-plucking, lived through a harrowing encounter with a knife-wielding German in Berlin.

The Portland Mercury reports on Tu Fawning's close call. And on the band's website, Drummer Joe Haege wrote a detailed account of what transpired in Berlin's Treptower Park as the group prepared to shoot a video for the German magazine Zeit's Rekorder series.

According to Haege, a ranting, foul-mouthed German man armed with two knives didn't take kindly to the sudden appearance of music in his quiet corner of the park.

"It was truly a moment where I found myself thinking, 'OK, he'll go to stab him and then hopefully run off and we can call an ambulance right away.' Or, 'Lunatic will go to stab him and I just charge him with the big drum knocking him over,'" wrote Haege.

Thankfully "Mr. Knives," as Haege called him, decided to relocate after spewing some more choice phrases. How the video turned out to be this peaceful, we aren't sure.