Need Something To Do Thursday?


If all the election year hubub has you saying "politics, shmolitics" and contemplating an escape to the bar on Tuesday, Nov. 6, over a trip to the voting box, head to the Egyptian Theatre today and contemplate your perspective.

The film Iron Jawed Angels will be screened for FREE at 7 p.m. The 2004 film made a bit of a splash at Sundance, and follows the hardships of a group of female activists striving to gain the right to vote during the Suffrage Movement, who were arrested and sent to a workhouse, where they went on a hunger strike and ended up being force-fed.

Seating for the screening is only guaranteed to the in-the-know crew who RSVP'd prior to Aug. 21. But saunter down to the theater and you just may be able to snag one of 746 seats at The Egyptian.

Be advised: The screening is presented by the Betty Richardson for Senate campaign, but don't let a political affiliation scare you away. According to a press release: "The movie is nonpartisan and the message is powerful regardless of your political affiliation."