Alley Rep Gets N'Sync with its Audience for Levi Middlebrooks: Back 2 Boyzee


Levi Middlebrooks: Back 2 Boyzee is a new play by local writers Evan Sesek and Jason Haskins about a former boy band member trying to reboot his career as a Christian rock singer more than a decade after falling from grace.

Boise Weekly stopped by a rehearsal last week with a video camera to get a taste of the sweet dance moves actor Aaron Kiefer is working out for the role.

The play is being put on by Alley Repertory Theater and runs Wednesdays-Saturdays, Aug. 22-Sept. 1, at Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., Garden City. There will not be a performance Friday, Aug. 24.

Check it out below: