Need Something To Do Friday?


Journalist-turned-novelist may be as common a career move as singer-turned-actor, and in both fields, some fail and others rise to the top. But the transitions are fueled in part by an artist's desire to take his or her creativity in a new direction. Nick O'Connell has contributed to a laundry list of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and The New York Times, written nonfiction books, headed The Writer's Workshop in Seattle, and recently ventured into the realm of the novel.

O'Connell will be at Rediscovered Books tonight to discuss his new novel, The Storms of Denali, which marries his passion for writing with his passion for mountain climbing. The novel is rife with details gained from O'Connell's firsthand experience.

"Writing is a lot like climbing, in that it's an aspirational activity," O'Connell said in the trailer for his novel.

In addition to chronicling an adventure to reach the highest and coldest summit in North America, the novel explores its characters' personal lives, including the protagonist's struggle to reconcile his family life with his often-dangerous passion.

You can hear O'Connell talk more about climbing and writing today at 7 p.m. The event is FREE, and you can watch the book trailer at Rediscovered's website.