Ann Morrison Park Will be Overrun by Zombies During The Boise Dead


Charity fundraisers have a reputation for being a little stiff. But one just announced for Saturday, Oct. 27, is supposed to be that way. Why? Because it involves stiffs—zombies, to be precise.

The Boise Dead is essentially a big-ass game of zombie tag. How big? Organizer Ryan Canning—the man responsible for the Main Street Mile—is hoping to set a new world record for largest game of tag, which he estimates will need 4,000 participants to pull off. But with the trifecta of absurd fun, charity and prizes that Canning hopes will include a role in AMC's hit show The Walking Dead, anything is possible.

Why zombie tag?

"Somebody showed me an event called 'Run for Your Life,'" Canning said. "It was basically a zombie obstacle course. I thought it was kind of cool, but thought it might be kind of limited in who it would appeal to. I liked the idea of tag. Keep it as simple as possible."

And, like Canning said, the game will be relatively simple. Participants will be divided into two groups: zombies and survivors. Survivors must make their way to a series of 10 checkpoints without getting tagged by zombies. If they are, then they remove their black T-shirt to reveal a white one, effectively switching sides. This might sound simple with George Romero-style slow lurchers, but for The Boise Dead, it will be all about the Danny Boyle-style sprinters. Good luck mortals, you'll need it.

Canning told Boise Weekly there will also be cosmetologists on site to apply zombie makeup. But besides the charity and fun, there's another reason Canning thought The Boise Dead would be a good idea for an event.

"At the end of the day, this game of tag is preparing you a little more for the zombie apocalypse," he said. "And we want people to be ready. You get tagged, you're made into a zombie. That's real world. You only get one chance."

The Boise Dead will go down in a designated zone around Ann Morrison Park Saturday, Oct. 27. Registration is $25 for adults and $20 for students or military.