Slideshow: Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Strikes Again


About 100 people crowded into a nondescript 10th Street warehouse on Friday, Aug. 10, to check out some downtown deviant debauchery.

Underground music haven The Shredder hosted the Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, a live-music, satirical performance troupe that provided an evening of chills, thrills, pills, thongs and pasties.

"Our show is definitely not for the weak or timid, even for burlesque. We are vulgar," warned the bandleader, Mr. Happypants, before the show, titled The Poorly Timed X-mas Special.

The story follows Joe the Cabdriver after he kills Santa in a drug-induced sex rage. Joe then takes over Santa's gig and travels around the world encountering all sorts of mischief and mayhem. Oh, and a lot of skin, starting with a bikini-clad Rudolph who must be broken into submission before she will fulfill her duties.

Happypants said the title of the show comes from the fact that the 15-member touring troupe is from Michigan, and there is no way they would make it cross-country in the middle of winter. Regarding touring, he spoke fondly of their last show in Boise.

"The show blew up, it went crazy here," he said.

Audience member and local burlesque performer Lady Bomb DeLuxe agreed. She said she saw that first show and laughed so hard she cried.

"I find a lot of beauty in strange," she said. "Also, I try to always support this artform and I think Boise should be more supportive of nontraditional art."