Scenes From a Scene #050—Jac Sound


A love of music does not a musician make. But an unflinching desire to play, write and create unique sounds backed by solid talent can certainly help.

Just ask Jeff Cochran, aka Jac Sound, a Nampa native who has been through the musical ringer. One band after the other has fallen by the wayside, but Cochran continues to play on.

On June 16 in the lot behind Payette Brewing Company, Cochran played the first set at Art and Ale with hardly a soul in sight—unless you count the food truck.

But he could have fooled the nonexistent crowd into thinking there was a party happening with his lively indie/folk sound produced on a myriad of musical instruments.

BW caught up with Cochran as he sipped Mutton Buster Brown in this, episode #050 of our ongoing music series Scenes from a Scene.

[ Video is no longer available. ]