Need Something To Do Saturday?



Planning on having a sedentary Saturday? Ditch that. Today is all about getting mobile in Idaho City on your motorcycle or skateboard.

The second-annual Idaho City Ride/Skate will take place today, about 40 miles from Boise. Motorcycle enthusiasts can meet up at 1:30 p.m. at Ben's Crow Inn and then depart for Idaho City. Those going sans-cycle can convene at the Idaho City Skate Park at 3 p.m.

Bring something to chow down on, gulp, sit on and ride (i.e. a skateboard) and get ready to party. Boarders can show off their skills at the park, and Revolt Revolt, Raid, 1d, Black Bolt, Social Antidote and Cat Massacre will all perform.

The event is all-ages, but organizers ask that underagers stay away from any booze and that everyone dispose of their trash properly.

As the event flier states, it includes "no money, no prizes," so don't expect your awesome ollie to garner a trophy—just enjoy a fun summer day outdoors.