Slideshow: Boise Fashion Week Kicks Off at Powerhouse Event Center


Boise Fashion Week gets Bourgeoise Chic.

Idaho is not known for fashion. It's considered acceptable to wear North Face in just about any social setting, and few would bat an eye if one’s Sunday best included a pair of flip-flops. But the first event of the inaugural Boise Fashion Week set out to turn that notion on its head.

Transformed with purple accent lights and a raised catwalk, the Powerhouse Event Center slowly filled with curious Boiseans who nursed drinks and gathered in seats around the runway. The venue’s upper level was a flurry of activity as models received hair and makeup styling, and designers made last-minute alterations to their collections.

To beats by Boise’s DJ Myko, models launched down the runway, first in the stylings of 52 Clothing. The collection featured ripped jeans, tanks and tees affixed with the brand’s logo, and failed to hold the attention of the progressively chattier crowd.

Bourgeois Chic was next on the runway, and with long gowns accented by feathers, leather, beads and bare feet, the Cinderella-meets-Tarzan, tribal-inspired looks quickly rendered attendees attentive and enthusiastic. RAG Boutique did the same with stylish dresses in bright colors and loud prints.

To finish the night, Levi John Custom Fashion designer Levi John nervously introduced himself clad in furry, knee-high boots and a cap made from a stuffed wolf head.

“I’m from the land of fluff and stuff,” said John to cheers and whistles. “I present my tribe for you tonight.”

With designs made mostly from stuffed animals and, according to John, "a little bit of magic," the neon-colored collection ranged from full-length coats constructed with a rainbow of stuffed animal heads to tiny bikinis complemented by furry, knee-high kicks. By the time John danced down the runway at the end of his show, the audience was on its feet and many attendees danced with him.

Boise Fashion Week will continue tonight, Friday, July 27, with another runway show at the Powerhouse Event Center. The show includes designs from Desiree Warrell, Galina SpikesByG and Circle the Wagon. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m. For more info on other Boise Fashion Week events, visit

For a photo slideshow of the evening, click here.