Authority Zero and Versus the World Play Reef Tonight


Despite the super-collaborative nature of the Internet and contemporary musical culture, there seems to be a distinct lack of "supergroups" of late. Where is our generation's Damned Yankees?

Versus the World, which plays at Reef tonight, features members of The Ataris, Lagwagon, and Crooks and Liars. Though the band's moony, Ataris-meets-Thrice minor-key laments are not the power ballads of yesteryear, if you like the emo-tinged era of pop punk more than its Ramones-influenced predecessors, they'll do in a pinch.

Versus the World will open for Arizona punkers Authority Zero, whose blazing riffs and balls-out style make the band heirs to the throne of Strung Out. At his last show at the Reef, singer Jason DeVore was sighted swinging from the tiki rafters. Now that's a good, zero amount of authority.

The show starts at 10 p.m. and costs $12 at the door.

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