Caldwell's Art Fad Drops New Album Banditos


Caldwell surf-punk outfit Art Fad dropped a new album on the net July 19 at the totally-not-significant-in-any-way hour of 4:20 a.m.

The album, Banditos, is the group's second, and a follow-up to last summer's release, Vatos. Like Vatos, Banditos is available via Soundcloud. But according to the band's Facebook page, it will also be available as a limited edition split-release tape with New York punk band Mannequin Pussy, which the band is planning to promote on a tour with Moscow's Tim Blood and the Gut Panthers.

Put simply, Banditos is eight tracks of fuzzed-out guitar riffs and indistinct vocals awash in reverb held down with sloppy four-on-the-floor beats. There are shades of Man or Astro-Man, Agent Orange and Dead Kennedys, but with a stronger low-fi aesthetic.

Fans of the band's first album, Vatos, won't find much deviation from Art Fad's pace or sound on Banditos. Those who didn't care for it will find more of the same.

You can hear the album below: