Need Something To Do Wednesday?


While these blazing-hot summer days may have Boiseans anxiously awaiting sunset for the sake of cooler temperatures, there's another reason to be excited about sunsets.

The Foothills Learning Center's Sunset Series features a variety of activities held around the time that the sun starts its daily descent. Prior installments have taught attendees about birding, hiking, bluegrass music and gardening with plants native to Idaho. Tonight, you can learn all about printmaking with Wingtip Press' Amy Nack.

From 7-8:30 p.m., Nack will assist attendees as they create collagraphs (textured plates) using natural materials and make an embossed print with a traveling etching press. First-time printmakers and aficionados of all ages are welcome.

The Sunset Series continues Wednesday, July 25, with Birds on the Wing, which will provide info about the Idaho Bird Observatory. The series is cost- and registration-FREE. Click here for more info.