Slideshow: Union Pacific Celebrates 150-Year Anniversary at Boise Depot


Union Pacific pulled a vintage 1955 General Motors E-9 locomotive into the Boise Depot on July 8 to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary.

It was April 17, 1925, when the first train pulled into the station, a Spanish mission-style building perched on the edge of Boise's bench, steam bathing the crowd of thousands. Then-Mayor E.B. Sherman presented Union Pacific President Carl R. Gray with a golden key to the city.

Eighty-seven years later, the 2,000-hp engines pulled a series of cars built in 1962 that were painted a garish yellow with the UP logo emblazoned on each. A large metal placard on the rear of the caboose read "150 Years."

Hundreds poured into the depot for elevator trips up the building's bell tower, and a line wrapped around the complex for a brief peek through one of the train's cars, a small museum on wheels. Families also ventured across Vista Avenue for a ride on a much smaller version of the E-9.

Just after noon, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter stood at the front entrance to the Boise Depot, shaking the hands of passersby.

For a slideshow of the celebration, click here.