Boise Filmmaker Tours With Sick of Sarah, Makes Documentary


The all-girl Sick of Sarah from Minneapolis, Minn. are the subject of J. Reuben Appelmans latest work.
  • Amber McDonald
  • Sick of Sarah, an all-girl group from Minneapolis, Minn., is the subject of J. Reuben Appelman's latest work.

UPDATE: July 5, 2:55 p.m.
In light of Appelman’s comments on this story, BW spoke with him July 5. We’d like to make it clear that while Appelman did say in a video posted on his Kickstarter campaign site “These b*****s are crazy” (asterisks are used here because Appelman bleeped out the word on his video), it was indeed a very tongue-in-cheek comment in the context of the video. Additionally, as a matter of clarification: Appelman was only in Europe with the band for 18 days and, as Appelman told BW, a better way to describe Letters to Paris in Jail is that it’s a novel about a guy who is infatuated with Paris Hilton and has an internal dialogue with her. Appelman expects to film You're What I Want Wrong With Me through mid-winter with an official release date in March.

Local writer and film producer J. Reuben Appelman was originally known for his book, Letters to Paris in Jail, which is comprised of a series of correspondences sent to hotel heiress Paris Hilton during her 24-day prison stint.

But Appelman's latest project has the former MFA graduate and teacher at Boise State chasing five women instead of one. He trailed the all-girl rock band Sick of Sarah from Minneapolis, Minn., for months as they played through Europe. Now he is following them around the summer 2012 Warped Tour, which is traveling across the country now.

As Appelman describes in a promotional video for the resulting documentary, You're What I Want Wrong With Me, chasing a rock 'n' roll band comprised of hot women seemed like an apt pursuit for a 41-year-old going through family and life changes.

"These bitches were crazy," Appelman said, "But whatever they had wrong with them, I wanted wrong with me, too."

Heavy on the power punk, Sick of Sarah was named best emerging artist at the Milwaukee, Wisc., Summerfest and is popular on iTunes.

With a month of shooting left to go, Appelman launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for $20,000; 332 backers and $21,966 later, the project met its goal. Many contributors were promised copies of the forthcoming DVD as perks.

Sick of Sarah is a follow-up to Appelman's other film pursuits, which include a look into the life of Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Jens Pulver, and the Gregory Bayne-directed Person of Interest.

A tentative release date is expected when Sick of Sarah wraps up its tour in Portland, Ore., in August.