Look Out Boise: The Invasion is Coming


Whether it's because of our lack of population density, our love of the automobile or our love of the outdoors, Idaho is an unusually mobile state. Residents commute between towns and regions the way people in other states move through neighborhoods.

On June 30, Red Room took a stab at musically harnessing that mobility by booking a whole line-up of acts from another city.

The Twin Falls Invasion featured six bands from Boise's eastern neighbor: Bear Refuge, Meth House Party Band, Hol-O-Grams, Bad Carb, CAMP and Hedtriip. Several of the musicians did double duty.

It wasn't a heavily attended event—possibly because Boise's music mafia were still nursing hangovers from June 29's big shows at Visual Arts Collective and Neurolux—but it was an interesting concept that fed the flow of ideas instead of keeping it locked up in one region.

Club booker Wes Malvini is aiming to make The Invasion a series, thereby allowing Boiseans to get a taste of another town's music scene without having to make the trek.

Malvini said he's working on putting together bills of bands from the Wood River Valley, Moscow and La Grande, Ore. Plans are still underway for the series, but Malvini said he is looking at either Friday, Aug. 10 or Friday, Aug. 31 for the Wood River Valley Invasion, with a likely bill including Old Death Whisper, Toast, Up a Creek and Mineral Hill.