Tomkat Memorial Haikus


Though it surprised few, superstar couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes called it splitsville Friday. And since they, like so many celeb couples, have been melded into one portmanteau of a person, Tomkat, it's sort of like Tomkat died. And that's as good a reason as any for some memorial haikus.

Here is what our readers submitted.

Kevin Taylor
TomKat, TomKat jump
on cushions of lasting love?
Mission: Impossible

Jeff Glyn-jones
Tom and Katie, what a sad, sad day, now
Tom, it's time to come out
and confess that you're gay!

Boise Weekly
Made her change her nose
Now only your white socks and

'Sabra Sabra'
Contract is over.
Quit pretending you’re not gay.
A friend of Dorothy.

Karen Corn
Lights of Paris dim
They’ve lost that lovin’ feeling
Couches sigh relief

Samantha Boucher
TomKat is over.
Katie Holmes, you're free of Tom.
Seriously. Run.

Sarah Bedinger
Oh Kat Tom Kat Tom,
Alone in the world again
Is little Kat Tom

Colby Spath
Now that you're single
Will you again co-mingle
Pacey awaits your call