Need Something To Do Sunday?


What could be better than music on a sunny summer Sunday, you ask? Music on a sunny summer Sunday near a lake, that's what.

Thankfully, Treasure Valley residents can hit the road and check out some lakeside tunes during the Music From Stanley series. From June to September, various musicians head for the Rocky Mountain town and regale migrating city slickers with their sounds in a serene setting.

Today, you can catch Steve Baker with Jon Engelund and Louis McFarland at 4 p.m. at the Redfish Lake Lodge. And if you can't make the concert, the other half of Music From Stanley is a radio show of the same name hosted by local guitar guru Dan Costello. The show airs on KBSU, KBSW and KISU in the fall, and features concert snippets, interviews with artists, commentary and other music-related stuff.

For a full lineup of thsi year's Music From Stanley concert series, visit the website.