Mickey Avalon Brings a Down-and-Dirty Good Time to Knitting Factory


When one is attending a Mickey Avalon show, scantily clad stage dancers and even scantilier-clad audience members are to be expected. His show are essentially a hybrid of a filthy, yet somehow glamorous Hollywood nightclub, Las Vegas and a college house party.

That's exactly what took place June 15 at the Knitting Factory, when the glam rapper took the stage in his standard skinny jeans, cut-off tank and leather jacket, topped with the same captain's hat he donned at his December 2011 performance at China Blue.

Avalon quickly ditched the hat and jacket, and left his grommet belt hanging undone. The quirky electro beats of Mr. Right opened his set and provided the impetus for a bump-and-grind, fall-all-over-someone-else dance party that lasted near the stage for the duration of Avalon's performance. More than one pair of underwear flashed the crowd from underneath a beyond-mini skirt.

Avalon's shows are over-the-top in many ways but completely underdone in others. The stage is devoid of decoration, aside from a lone mannequin-like dancer, who moves and poses in everything from a thong leotard to a glitter-laden bikini and bounces in rhythm with Avalon's songs on a trampoline.

The Hollywood native runs the line between completely intolerable filth and seedy fun that caters to the inner hedonist in all of us. He's morphed his beyond-tragic past into a burgeoning career, with songs like "My Dick" that can simultaneously repulse and attract.

It's a thin line, and one that the Millionaires—Avalon's opening band—failed to toe. Two pint-sized females thrusted into the air and grabbed their groins more than Michael Jackson ever did. With giant hair bows and bedazzled faux-guns, they spit lyrics like "dance like a slut." They chided the audience for its lack of participation, saying, "I didn't know we were in church." Maybe they just weren't for Boise. Then again, maybe they're just not for anywhere.

If Ke$ha could produce offspring with Tila Tequila, and then that offspring mated with an Amy Winehouse-stripper hybrid, perhaps the result would be something like the Orange County, Valley-girl-gone-filthy pop "rap" that Millionaires gave the audience. A stop by the duo's merch table resulted in the discovery of condoms for sale, probably to avoid the creation of entitled mean girls like the Millionaires, who are sure to be making daddy proud.

After complaining that females in the audience generally spew hate toward them, but the haters' boyfriends are "always the ones back stage," the of-age crowd of partiers flocked to the bar, where comments ranged from "I'm embarrassed as a woman" to "those bitches sucked" to comparisons with 20 Fingers' "Short Dick Man."

Fortunately the party was back on track when Avalon took the stage, tirelessly plowing through a repertory of songs from his 2006 self-titled album, his April release (Loaded) and singles like "What Do You Say?" from the movie "The Hangover" as well as a rendition of Billy Squier's "Stroke Me." The crowd begged for more and headed to meet Avalon at his merch table after an encore.

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