The Great Father's Day Gift Mystery Solved: Cake and Beer


Cake Ballers have baked four different cake balls infused with Crooked Fence Brews.

I don’t know if your dad is anything like my dad, but when it comes to Father’s Day, gifts are never easy. My dad has everything. If my dad doesn’t have it, he goes out and buys it. So by the time Father's Day rolls around, I’m always at a loss for a gift.

But this year, Cake Ballers teamed up with Crooked Fence Brewing to make special Father’s Day cake balls, infused with beer. Cake and beer. Can’t go wrong there.

“It’s really subtle,” Cake Baller owner Jenny Wells said. “It’s not in your face. It’s like a light, little hint at the end, where you’re like, ‘huh, that was just a little bit different.’”

Take, for example, the Oatmeal Cookie IPA edition, or the Chocolate Porter with a cashew topper. The orange wheat cake pop features an orange candy topper, dipped in an orange candy melt and drizzled with white chocolate.

Wells said her master taste testers gave the cake balls “two-thumbs up.”

“In this case, we used the special dads in our lives,” Wells said.

The cake ball samplers will be available at Crooked Fence Brewing. 5242 Chinden Blvd., from 6-9 p.m. today. Buy four for $5, or a dozen for $15, while supplies last.