Boise Weekly Wins National Awards from Association of Alternative Newsmedia


From June 7-9, members of the Association of Alternative Newsmedia gathered in Detroit to continue their organized effort to take over whatever remains of North America's non-mainstream media.

In addition to wandering around the Motor City (check out this slideshow from Colorado Springs Independent writer Matthew Schniper), the convention played host to the association's annual awards ceremony, which, in true alt-style, dished out Hot Pockets, whiskey shots and risque undergarments as prizes. Despite the comedic atmosphere created by hosts Enrique Limon (Santa Fe Reporter), Joe MacLeod (Baltimore City Paper) and Dan Gibson (Tucson Weekly)—and the pink glitter award medal with which each winner posed—it's actually a big damn deal to win an award from AAN.

This year, Boise Weekly took home first place in the Innovation/Format Buster category for papers with a circulation under 50,000 for "Red Potatoes," by Rachael Daigle, Deanna Darr and Adam Rosenlund, a story told in comic form that also won first place for Light Feature Report from the Idaho Press Club in April. Additionally, Rosenlund, former BW graphic designer, took third place in Illustration for papers with a circulation of under 50,000 for "Where are They Now?"

Read the full list of award winners at this year's AAN convention here.