Boise Rap Duo Dedicated Servers Drop New Video, "Rise"


Boise rap duo Dedicated Servers has dropped a new video for "Rise," a single off the band's forthcoming album, Dedication.

With downtown Boise parking garages, tree-lined neighborhood cul-de-sacs and Tablerock vistas as backdrops, MCMD and Peanut walk determinedly toward and past the camera.

A consistent bass line, tinkling piano keys and bouncing electronic pops provide the catchy beat to "Rise." Quality post-production polished the duo's vocals into a product akin to their mainstream contemporaries.

The clean shots assembled by the video's director, Darren Gunnar, are no less compelling. One shot shows MCMD and Peanut cruising in a Honda, while they simultaneously walk beside it—the result of some impressive video trickery.

Check out the video below:

[ Video is no longer available. ]