Need Something To Do Sunday?


Seafaring vessels are comprised of a variety of materials—fancy cruise ships use wood, metal and other modern fibers, while the creative souls who float the Boise River every summer round up inner tubes and plastic air mattresses.

Now, you and your crew can craft a floatation device out of cardboard. Yup, the same stuff that you cram in that blue recycling bin and wheel to the sidewalk on garbage day. 104.3 Wow FM's Wow-Tanic Cardboard Canoe Regatta will take place at Wahooz Family Fun Zone today, with registration beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Teams of up to four builders and two brave racers will construct a canoe out of a set of supplies, including duct tape, poster board, cardboard and a Sharpie. Then the creations will race in the paddle-boat pool at the activity center in up to four heats of five boats each, beginning at 1 p.m. To win, you basically have to keep hold of your paddle and make sure that your entire boat crosses the finish line in the fastest time.

There's a whole bunch more regulations, so visit Wow's website for the full deets if you want to compete, or go be a spectator/cheerleader and enjoy what's sure to be a soggy cardboard-palooza.