Boise's Arts Industry Generates More than $48 Million Annually


On top of their inherent aesthetic value, and their intrinsic place as part of culture, the arts make up an entire thriving industry. But while quantifying the contribution arts make to the heart and soul of a city has remained difficult, new data has put a number on their economic effect in Boise.

Data from the Arts & Economic Prosperity IV national impact study suggests Boise's nonprofit arts and culture industry is bustling, generating more than $48 million in annual economic activity. Further, that amounts to more than $4 million in revenue for state and local government coffers.

The study goes on to catalogue how Boise's art institutions spent more than $22 million during fiscal year 2010, accounting for employees, supplies, contracts and assets. Data shows that all that cashflow supports 1,602 full-time equivalent jobs.

Conducted by the national organization Americans for the Arts, the study also showed that the nonprofit arts industry was responsible for more than $130 billion in economic activity nationally in 2010. The nonprofit organization is charged with advancing the arts and arts education.

At Boise Weekly, we give back to the arts communitiy in our own way, by doling out more than $10,000 for the arts via our annual Cover Auction grant.