Austin Lucas Will Croon Tonight at The Shredder


We recently got a somewhat miffed communique from local venue/skate warehouse/hooligan hideaway The Shredder, located at 430 S. 10th St. The beef was over referring to it as a "metal venue."

"This evening's happy hour is brought to you by Willie Nelson and there is a DJ/rave here tonight, though both of us [the staff] like the genre of course, we'd rather not be labeled as a 'metal' only venue," it read.

In retrospect, it was a vile slur to label the go-to destination in Boise for all bands named after infectious diseases and obscure political movements a "metal" venue. Just because it's called The Shredder doesn't mean they won't let you in the door if you prefer to swing. Or, as you'll see tonight, to croon.

Austin Lucas, one of the finest voices in underground country (or folk punk if you prefer), will be swinging through Boise tonight to belt out some rebel yells and offer lyrical demonstrations in how to best soak your broken heart in whiskey.

Lucas takes the simple structures of country, but looks a little beyond the standard dog/pickup truck/devil woman motifs and asks bigger existential questions set to a similarly shuffled beat. It's a good formula, and one that has served him well. He tours regularly and has scored no shortage of high-profile festival gigs.

Tonight, he'll be in Boise with P.J. Bond, James Plane Wreck and locals Poke. The show starts at 8 p.m. and costs $8. Rock fingers and air guitar are not mandatory, but The Shredder sure as shit won't frown on 'em either.

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