Exergy Tour: Stage Three Results


Ina Yoko Teutenberg of Team Lululemon held her hands over her head and pumped her fists as she crossed the finish line at the Exergy Tour’s Stage Three in Idaho City today.

Rows of spectators behind orange fencing cheered among old, rustic buildings and antique feel of the former mining town. Spirits were not dampened by the light rain.

Teutenberg rode past the finish line with a time of 2:29:23 after the grueling mountainous course from Crouch to Idaho City. Leah Kirchmann of Optum Pro Cycling followed closely behind while Megan Guarnier of Team TIBCO came in third, half a bike-length behind.

The 57.8-mile course included a 4,520-foot climb along scenic Highway 21, topping the Beaver Creek and Mores Creek summits.

Amber Neben of Lululemon kept her Leader jersey as did Teutenberg with her Sprint jersey. The Queen of the Mountain jersey went to Fabiana Luperini of Team Faren Honda. Jasmin Glaesser from the Canadian National Team won the Best Young Rider jersey and Tiffany Cromwell of Greenedge took Most Aggressive.

Heather Hill, Exergy Tour communications director, said the race ran smoothly with no major crashes.

On Monday, May 28, the race starts and finishes at Hyde Park in Boise's North End. The 46-mile race will include 3,700 feet of climbing up Bogus Basin Road and around Hidden Springs. The race begins at 11 a.m. and should finish around 1 p.m, wrapping up the first-ever Exergy Tour in Idaho.