Sasquatch: The Excitement Builds and the Music Never Stops


Even at 4 a.m., I can faintly hear a stereo blaring maybe dubstep or rap. All I know is, it has a lot of bass. My friend Keaton tells me that Thursday, May 24, is a quiet night at the Sasquatch Music Festival general camping grounds, so I force my eyes to shut and sleep until I hear another campsite blast Of Monsters and Men at full volume. Even though it’s my first year at The Gorge, I feel like I understand. The last few days have been all about waiting, and thousands of fans are getting restless.

My area alone has more than 21 people from Boise. We arrived in a nine-car caravan and had to wait on people to pack up and to take bathroom breaks along the way. We had to wait in an endless line of cars to squeeze onto a tiny camping spot, and now we’re waiting for the real music to begin in a makeshift living room complete with a leather Lazy Boy, a couch and a beer pong table.

I only know Keaton, but most people at the campsite are strangers to each other; our common bond is our love of indie music and the fact that we’re all from Boise. Everyone is getting to know each other, so chatter usually surrounds which bands people are looking forward to seeing. People painted in neon and wearing costumes walk by and raise cans of cheap beer, appreciating our setup.

The other Boiseians tell me that the waiting will stop tonight, Friday, May 25—the music will last until 1 a.m. and start again at noon. In between, the party continues at the campgrounds; Keaton swears some people don’t sleep the entire weekend. There seems to be a endless supply of bass and energy.

I brought a two-man tent, a pair of shoes, a sweatshirt and enough peanut butter and jelly for the long weekend, but I quickly realize it’s not enough. But no one seems to mind lending an extra jacket or handing off a beer because people are more concerned with a good weekend than remembering whose stuff is whose. I don’t camp, but somehow, I’ve found a kind of comfort in The Gorge’s great outdoors. Or maybe the living room setup makes me feel at home.

Former Boise Weekly intern Lizzy Duffy will be blogging from The Gorge throughout the Sasquatch Music Festival. Check back on Cobweb for more updates.