A BW Mash-up of Girl Talk and the Snake Lady


We get a lot of weird phone calls at BWHQ. Everything from people claiming that China is censoring their access to our Web video to conspiracy theories about cat nip to offers to do a profile on someone's pair of lesbian snakes.

In honor of mash-up guru Girl Talk's visit to the Knitting Factory on Monday, May 28, we decided to mash up the audio of Gregg Gillis' BW interview with one of those crazy phone messages and put it to a beat in GarageBand. Then we decided to put it behind a video of our slick "moves." (Notice the strategically placed quotemarks.)

And in honor of his style, we didn't tell Gillis about it.

So, let this be a warning to all the crazy folks out there just itching to leave us a voicemail: We will put your weird phone message to a beat and inflict our dance moves upon it. So think twice before drunk dialing BW about the alien artifacts you found in your back yard while trying to dig a hole to China that would serve as a tax-free shipping lane because you're tired of the government monitoring your turnip farm with black helicopters.