Woman Controls Robot Arm with Her Mind, Seals Our Fate as Cyborgs


Every so often, we have a few too many beers and start ranting about robots, cyberspace and the approaching end of reality as we know it.


Because of technology like the robot arm being demonstrated in the video below from the journal Nature.

Via a sophisticated interface, a paralyzed woman is able to control the arm using only her mind. While this is fantastic for paralyzed people, it is also the sort of technology that can be easily paired with something like Google Glasses—which would allow anyone to control a robot avatar body using only their mind. And, if there's no barrier to it, they could completely divorce their existential self from their physical self to live in cyberspace, or as a robot living on an astroid or anything else we have yet to dream up. The tech isn't there yet, but it will be before you know it.

But all fear of the imminent demise of our species and way of life aside, it is pretty inspiring to see someone so handicapped be able to lift a cup and take a drink on their own. So maybe our cyborg future won't be all bad.

[ Video is no longer available. ]