I'm Fill in the Blank and I Know It


For as much as people claim to hate LMFAO, they can't argue with the numbers. Not only the does the "band" garner immense amounts of hits and downloads, but there is no shortage of homages to its particular brand of "genius."

The song "I'm Sexy and I Know It" has been parodied no less than one bazillion times, which is like, a lot. You name a noun, and it's probably been put in place of the word sexy and uploaded to YouTube.

Here are a couple of the top parodies:

"We're Trekkies and We Know it."

[ Video is no longer available. ]

"I'm Jewish and You Know It."

[ Video is no longer available. ]

And the best ever: "I'm Sexy and I'm Homeless."

[ Video is no longer available. ]