Seattle Supervillain Lauches Plot to Rid City of Superheroes


During last week's May Day madness in Seattle, self-proclaimed superhero Phoenix Jones waded deep into the fracas, attempting to protect an historic building with a can of pepper spray.

While that was happening, a plot was being hatched against him by the previously unknown Rex Velvet, aka, the people's villain.

Velvet released a viral video attacking Jones and his style of vigilante justice, telling him to give it up before his plot came to fruition.

Today, Velvet officially launched his plot with another video.

The video features another gripping monologue and encourages viewers to take part in a social media and activism campaign to drum up resistance against the superhero movement. It features downloadable fliers kind of like Kony2012, but without the secret Christian agenda.

It also shows Velvet speeding off in a DeLorean. Pretty swank.

[ Video is no longer available. ]