Official Exergy Tour T-shirt Design Chosen


The Exergy Tour has its official fashion statement.

The design created by Lana Roth beat out the competition to become the official design that will grace the T-shirts for the inaugural women's multi-stage bike race. Her entry was selected by a panel of judges, who pored over the submitted designs this afternoon at BWHQ.

"I'm so excited," Roth said after learning of her win.

A graphic designer by trade, Roth owns L. Roth Designs in Boise and designs a collection of T-shirts that uses the distinct shape of Idaho as inspiration. Her most-popular design turns Idaho on its side reminiscent of a gun, shooting out a tree. Her work can be found locally at Idaho Mountain Touring and The Record Exchange, as well as on her website.

"'Local' and 'Idaho' is really something that inspires me throughout my work," she said.

The fact that Exergy is a local race, bringing attention to Idaho made the contest all the more appealing for Roth, who said that while she loves biking, she sticks to her cruiser.

"I saw it as a celebration of cycling," she said.

True to her style, Roth said she focused on smaller details that are visually interesting—in this case, the gears on a bike. After coming up with her key element, she wanted to take full advantage of the required color palette.

For Roth, the greatest payoff will be the chance to see her work being worn by cycling fans.

"I wasn't looking for necessarily a prize. For me, the greatest thing will be being able to see it everywhere," she said.

Here's a look at the rest of the Top 5 finalists:

  • Leslie Dixon

  • Angelina Briggs

  • Lana Roth