Chicago's Stephen Eichhorn Brings Painstaking Collages to Black Hunger


Perfecting the painstakingly precise process Chicago, Ill., artist Stephen Eichhorn employs has been an exercise in patience and focus.

Using an exacto knife and other cutting tools, Eichhorn assembles menageries of flora or images on paper, favoring the lines of organic elements. He's also fond of cats.

"It's fairly obvious that this stuff is hand cut, and that it is fairly laborious, but I'm not ever actually trying to insert myself into that artwork," Eichhorn told in a Web video.

Eichhorn's work comes to the walls of the Breneman Street collective Black Hunger on Saturday, May 5, with a catered reception beginning at 7 p.m.

Eichhorns series Nine (IV)
  • Eichhorn's series Nine (IV).

Eichhorns 40 by 30 inch Yellow Orchid (Drape) collage.
  • Ebersmoore Gallery
  • Eichhorn's 40- by 30-inch Yellow Orchid (Drape) collage.

Print of Grass Burst, by Chicago, Ill. Stephen Eichhorn.

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