Need Something To Do Friday?


If you've ever had an interest in innovative workouts—such as pole fitness, zumba, aerial yoga or burlesque cardio—but your fear of the unknown has kept you doing endless cycles on the elliptical machine, you should head to Ophidia Studio in Garden City.

Today at 8 p.m., you can watch student and instructor performances in pole dancing (more Cirque than stripper), burlesque, zumba, yoga, belly dancing, aerial yoga, power party sculpt and hoop dancing. Without the risk of embarrassing yourself, you can preview a slew of nonboring fitness options. Prizes and giveaways will be handed out, as well.

Last year's Pole-A-Palooza was so popular that this year, the staff added a second night. So if you're otherwise engaged this evening, you can check out the same performance Saturday, same place same time.

Tickets are $8 at Ophidia's website, or $10 at the door.