Why Heckling is a Bad Idea


What drives people to heckle at a comedy show is a force more mysterious than gravity. Sure, it's attention for the attention-starved, but if the comedian is even remotely experienced, the attention amounts to being verbally berated in front of your date and, in a final insult, having paid for the experience. That hardly seems worth it.

It is definitely entertaining for everyone else though. A recent post on Cracked listed its 10 greatest heckler-destroys of all time, and it is some dang good funny. Especially the clip of Jamie Kennedy telling a heckler quibbling over referring to servers as waitresses, "Well I'd like you to serve your mouth shut."

The post somehow left out this clip of Zach Galifianakis destroying a mouthy nursing student. Effin' poetry.

More can be found at the YouTube HecklerBlog channel.

This is all worth bringing up because of another clip, shot in a Long Island comedy club, that was recently brought to Boise Weekly's attention. It shows what ultimately happens to hecklers after all that humiliation: they get kicked the f@#$ out.

So now that Boise's comedy scene is picking up, with dedicated clubs in Boise and Meridian and one-off nights sprouting up all over, don't heckle. Unless you want to end up like this guy. The comedian, not you, has the mic for a reason.

[ Video is no longer available. ]