Enjoy a Tropical Halloween with Jake Shimabukuro


In an interview with Boise Weekly, Earl Mullins of the Boise Ukulele Group described the instrument's history thusly:

"Ukelele had been a very popular instrument in the teens and the '20s. You were nobody if you didn't have a ukulele. You had absolutely no shot at getting the girl. But then along came Tiny Tim."

With a voice even shriller than the instrument itself, Tiny Tim did so much damage, he probably should have called himself Scrooge.

Lucky for the noble uke, Jake Shimabukuro came along. Shimabukuro is doing as much to boost the ukulele's reputation as Tiny Tim did to destroy it. He of the unpronounceable last name could be described as the four-string Van Halen, delivering complex and technical music on an instrument better known for being low-key and easy to play. Consider the video below of him tearing through "Bohemian Rhapsody" Exhibit A.

Shimabukuro will be returning to Boise to perform at the Egyptian Theatre on Sunday, Oct. 21. Tickets for that show are now officially on sale for $27, and can be purchased at the Egyptian Theatre box office, or here.