Need Something To Do Wednesday?



People love penguins—why else would we have movies about them marching and sequels to their animated adventures? The tuxedo birds are inarguably popular, so much so that there's a whole day dedicated to them. Yup, today is World Penguin Day, and you can get in on the fun with a trip to Zoo Boise.

Zookeepers will give presentations and demonstrations throughout the day, and a "penguin character" (We're thinking its something like Billy Madison's invisible foe) will dole out Seafood Watch cards from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which give tips on what seafood delights are safe, so you don't end up making poor dinner selections.

Attendees will learn all about World Penguin Day, which is timed to coincide (roughly) with the annual northern migration of the Adelie penguins in the arctic.

You can get in on the penguin party from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Standard Zoo Boise admission rates apply: $7 adults, $4.50 seniors, $4.25 ages 4-11 and FREE for children ages 3 and younger.