Slideshow: Race to Robie Creek Highlights


BW checked out the Race to Robie Creek last weekend and found that the spirit and enthusiasm that coerces 2,500-plus masochists over the miserably steep 4,797-foot witches teet that is Aldape Summit every spring is as good as ever.

Amateur repeat offender Kacey Smith of Mountain Home had modest expectations for personal growth at Robie.

"My biggest competitor is myself. Last year I did it in 2:20 and I'd just like to beat that, even if by just a minute."

Smith's approach was certainly the status quo at the event, although a handful of top-notch athletes showed up for a chance at glory in the "toughest race in the Northwest."

Running prodigy and overall winner Jamey Yanik, felt surprisingly great after the barn burner race in 80-plus degree temps.

"The ascent was just brutal because you weren't moving fast and you had no wind to cool you down." On his fourth attempt at the crown, and with a time of just over 1:21, Yanik is the man to beat in 2013.

Check out highlight pics from the event here.