Boise State's Trashion Show Glams Up Garbage


More than 100 people lined a catwalk on April 20 to celebrate Earth Week in a style many might call "trashy."

The event was held on the Boise State campus in the Simplot Ballroom, where 10 models posed in clothing that had been vastly transformed from its original appearance.

"Up-cycling is taking something old and turning it into something better," explained Krista Peterson, the fashion designer for the event.

Peterson also created a special line of clothing out of some items that could literally be considered trash, such as used Starburst wrappers, coffee filters, paperclips, shower curtains and more.

"I love making weird things and making people smile and wonder why I did those things," she said.

It was the third such show for Peterson, who graduated with a fashion degree from Brooks College in Long Beach, Calif. Since then, she has won awards, created a handbag line and started an upcycled-clothing blog,

The crowd responded well to her creations at the Trashion Show, which was also headlined by musical performer Bridgeport, which sang a few witty ditties on an acoustic guitar. The event was one of many Earth Week celebrations hosted by Boise State's Sustainability Club.

Maegan Ward is the president of the club and enjoyed delivering an important message while having fun.

"We want to raise environmental awareness, locally and globally," Ward said.

To view a slideshow of the event, click here.