Levon Helm Memorial Haikus


Levon Helm was a musician's musician. He was fluent on multiple instruments and known just as much for his drumming as his singing.

His work with The Band on hits like "The Weight," "Up on Cripple Creek" and "The Shape I'm In" would have been enough to solidify his rep as one of the greats. But Helm and The Band also backed Bob Dylan when he went electric, and arguably changed rock 'n' roll forever.

Helm died of throat cancer on April 19. As is BW's tradition with notable and celebrity deaths, we reached out to our staff and readers for memorial haikus dedicated to the deceased. The results are below.

Any additional haikus readers would like to offer may be left in the comment box.

Tara Morgan
Up on Cripple Creek
he sent us. Today he took
a final Last Waltz.

Boise Weekly
Cancer of the throat
Take a load off Levon Helm
You have earned a break

Boise Weekly
The band to back Dylan
The band to own the airwaves
Quite simply, The Band

Boise Weekly
Levon helmed hits
steady rock 'n' roll pilot
like a metronome

Boise Weekly
Hey you, get off Mick's
Cloud. Oh, it is Levon Helm?
You can hang around