Dick Clark Memorial Haikus


As the host of American Bandstand, there was very little about rock 'n' roll's formative years that Dick Clark didn't seem to be a part of. He played records, promoted bands and projected a calm image to parents concerned about the savage jungle rhythms their children were obsessed with. He also hosted live New Year's Eve broadcasts from Times Square in New York City. Both for his perpetual involvement in rock 'n' roll and his seeming invulnerability to age, Dick Clark was sometimes called "the eternal teenager."

Clark died unexpectedly from a heart attack April 18. He was 82.

As is Boise Weekly's tradition with notable deaths, we reached out to our readers and staff for haikus dedicated to Clark's memory. The submissions are below. Any additional haikus may be offered in the comment box below.

Danielle Sanders
Five four three two one
Now New Years will be no fun
Dick, you will be missed.

Owen R. Smith

Dick Clark once stated
music is our lives' soundtrack
The old man was right

Helen Gunics Price
He had a good life,
and we could all dance to it.
R.I.P. Dick Clark.

Andrew Crisp
RICHARD Clark, it was,
Not “Dick”. Your New Year’s Rocking
Eve made Daly drink.

Boise Weekly

Ageless teenager
Even in death you will rock
a full head of Hair

Boise Weekly
Dick goes with Clark like
Rock goes with roll or Dick Clark
goes with rock 'n' roll

Boise Weekly
American Bandstand
brought music to the masses
Unlike MTV

Boise Weekly
Seacrest's New Years Eve?
Blech. Like Highlander, there can be
be only one Dick Clark